Ipsy : February Glam Bag

I literally get so pumped when my next Ipsy bag arrives. I am always eager to see what’s new and share my thoughts on each of the products. When you first sign up for Ipsy, you take a survey to ensure the products you receive are something you’d actually enjoy trying. The survey asks for…

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Orange Knit

The weather is so random in Virginia which means my attire is always varying. We recently had a slightly warmer (54 degrees) day and I was so thankful. Scarves are a basic essential for the winter months and though I own several, I rarely choose to add them to my outfits. One reason being, the giant…

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Sugar Hearts

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a love for hot tea. My nana has always (and still does) drink it often so I guess you could say I picked it up from her. When I was young, my hot tea concoction was basically half black tea, half french vanilla creamer. I would drink it…

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Flea Market Flares

I think everyone has their own personal preference of their favorite denim style. My go-to style would definitely be a mid-rise, skinny leg that falls right above my ankle. I don’t even remember the last time I wore a pair of pants that flared at the end. But when I noticed the bell-bottom style becoming…

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My 5 Favorite Thrifted Items

There’s always those weekends where you just can’t find anything to do, but you know you want to get out of the house… Well hitting up all the local thrift stores is always my go-to. There has obviously been times where I go into a thrift store and come out with nothing at all. But…

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Our First Date

(above image via Pinterest) Since it’s February, and Valentines Day is right around the corner, I thought I’d share the story of our first date. Adam and I have been dating for almost 3 years (anniversary is in March) so I’ve told this story countless times, and each time it just seems sweeter. I could probably…

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Indigo Blue & Forest Green

Before I purchase any type of clothing, I always try to imagine myself wearing the piece(s) with several different outfits on several separate occasions. That way, I can be certain that I’m not impulse buying. If you know you’re going to wear something often, in my opinion, it’s always worth the buy. You can never…

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Ipsy : December Glam Bag

If it works, why change it, is basically the motto I live by when it comes to beauty products. I have a certain regimen when it comes to my beauty routine and usually just stick with what works best for me. (like I’ve literally been using the same brand of mascara for 7+ years). When I…

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25 Things About Me

1. Favorite movie: Silver Linings Playbook. 2. Tattoos/Body piercing: I have one tattoo, it’s a cross on the back of my neck. I have my ears pierced. 3. Worst habits: Drinking coffee late at night. 4. Go-to nail color: Black. 5. Favorite verse: Psalm 42:1.  6. Chocolate or candy: Chocolate, always. 7. Favorite song: I think…

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