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Gingham Vibes

Gingham is basically a requirement for summer — Which I am totally ok with. I purchased this little dress from ASOS which looked so cute on the model and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it online. When I got it in the mail I was instantly obsessed. I imagined looking all…

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Hello S U M M E R

I graduated a couple of weeks ago but it hasn’t felt much like summer until recently. The pools are open, Liberty students are gone, and now everyone is officially on summer break! I have a trip to OBX, NYC, and Florida (twice) planned so far and I am beyond excited but I always enjoy summer…

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Shades of Blue

It has been SO HOT the past few weeks in Virginia and the humidity is almost unbearable. It’s nearly impossible to find an outfit that is comfortable to wear in 98 degree weather. I was so excited to find this lightweight dress from Madewell. The dress actually has a belt that goes with it and can…

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Classic Black & White

A black and white outfit is both minimal and chic. I love the classic but simple look it portrays. I wore this outfit on a date night with my boyfriend, Adam. Aside from the typical date-night-dress, this black and white outfit seemed like a nice alternative. The wide, cropped leg of the white denim pants…

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Chambray Jumpsuit

Clearly, I am a tad obsessed with jumpsuits, as you can see here. They are just so easy and adorable. There is nothing better than the feeling of quickly compiling an outfit without any thought, but still feeling completely put-together at the same time — which is what a jumpsuit is for! I love the cropped,…

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Dreaming of Coachella

For those of you who do not know, The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is basically the festival of the year–I literally don’t know how else to describe it in words. Coachella only occurs once a year and is just two weekends back to back. The event takes place in Indio, California and basically…

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A Yellow Statement -- with J.crew's skirt and lace crop top and Madewell lace up flats. Found on

A Yellow Statement

The weather in VA has been so cold (seriously was in the 40s) the past couple of weeks with a few warm days here and there. It’s April and it’s typically already warm at this time of year. I wore this outfit on Easter a couple of weeks back. When it comes to my wardrobe,…

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Playful Plaid Jumpsuit

We all have those I have nothing to wear moments while in reality, we are staring at a closet full of clothes. Sometimes, pulling together an outfit in the morning can feel like a total chore. I’ll admit that I even get that same feeling while I pack for vacation. Unless you have an entire itinerary…

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Combining Neutrals

The best part about neutral pieces is that they are indeed timeless. You can never go wrong with neutrals because they are the staples to making an outfit work. Most of the time, we use basic shades like black, white, navy, gray, etc. as our foundation to pair with other, more dramatic elements. Such as…

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Orange Knit

The weather is so random in Virginia which means my attire is always varying. We recently had a slightly warmer (54 degrees) day and I was so thankful. Scarves are a basic essential for the winter months and though I own several, I rarely choose to add them to my outfits. One reason being, the giant…

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