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You may have seen on my Instagram a sponsored post by Clinique promoting their Moisture Surge product. I want first start by clarifying that I only choose to sponsor brands that I would truly use and 10/10 recommend to anyone. More than anything, I want to remain true to myself as well to my brand. This blog, along with my social media is my personal brand and I would never promote or lie to my followers to get a free product or even a little extra cash. This blog post is in no way sponsored by Clinique, I literally just wanted to share what I love about the Moisture Surge product without any advertising or promoting.

I 100% meant it when I said I have been using Clinique products for years. My mom worked at our nearest Clinique counter (part-time) for years and absolutely loved it. She is more into make-up whereas I am more devoted to skincare and there are a few of the Clinique products that I literally swear by and use– Which is why I was so excited to promote Clinique on my social media when the opportunity presented itself.

The Moisture Surge is like a lotion in gel form. It literally feels like I am putting a solid form of water over my face… Like that is the best way I can think to describe it how it feels. It’s so refreshing and my skin just absorbs it immediately and I don’t feel like my face is heavy, oily, sticky, or remotely dry. It is literally the perfect product for summer because 1. um who wants their face to feel overwhelmed with product as if the summer heat isn’t overwhelming enough. Like honestly, it gets so hot outside during the summer and just imagine standing in the heat with beads of thick lotion-y sweat rolling down your face — yeah, no thanks and 2. there is just an obvious difference in my skin in the summer than in the winter. My skin is so dry in the winter that I’d rather cover my face in Vaseline than deal with any dryness whatsoever. My skin finally regains its hydration when the warm months roll around and the humidity gets real. So basically I want nothing more than a bit of thin, hydrating, gel of a moisturizer to compensate for the load of petroleum jelly I apply during winter — not even kidding here about the Vaseline.

Clearly, I’m an advocate for this product and simply wanted to share why. You can get a sample at your local Clinique counter and try it out before buying it. It is amazing and I honestly can’t think of a better moisturizer for the summer.

xx Zoe

Posted on June 10, 2017 in Beauty, Lifestyle

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