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Applying perfume is in my everyday routine no matter what I am doing or where I am going. Receiving a compliment about the way I smell can easily make my entire day. I can be pretty particular when it comes to scents but I have a variety of perfumes that I really love. The same perfume can smell different on everyone due to body chemistry. No matter what, a good quality perfume is bound to smell great on everyone — even if our body relates to the notes differently. I have a pretty large selection of perfumes but I’ve narrowed down my favorites.

**I also included some perfume related tips at the end of this post** Enjoy!

Versace: Bright Crystal 


Mac: Turquatic


Jo Malone: Pomegranate Noir

I will admit that Jo Malone isn’t the cheapest perfume/cologne out there but it truly smells amazing. I have several Jo Malone scents that I absolutely love but Pomegranate Noir is one of my favorites. I also have the body wash that I use everyday. I swear I imagine Heaven to smell like this.

Jo Malone: Oud & Bergamot

The Oud & Bergamot scent is a cologne and is concentrated so it is much more strong and intense than the others. It isn’t something I choose to wear everyday but it does smell nice.


Versace: Versense

This is one of my all time favorite perfumes and has been for the past several years. A friend introduced me to this scent long ago and I wear it almost everyday. I’d say that this is my signature scent out of all of the perfumes that I own. I once ran into an old friend that I had not seen for several years and when they hugged me, they stated, “you even smell the exact same” (this was obviously the perfume that I was wearing) and I was more than ok with that. Unfortunately, this scent has been discontinued and is no longer available, however, I have my ways of getting my hands on it…


Tocca: Colette

I was aimlessly roaming Anthropologie one day when I randomly spritzed myself with this perfume. Throughout the entire day I could smell hints of the scent and absolutely fell in love with it. I had to go back and buy the bottle. I really like the brand, Tocca, and adore all of their scents but Colette is my favorite. The small bottle pictured above is Colette and the larger bottle is the Margaux scent, which is a little more bold and not something I would wear daily.


Société de Senteur: First Arrow

I also found this perfume in Anthropologie. It has a sweet, peppery smell and is also super affordable. I typically apply it if I am just running errands or don’t have much to do but it does smell really nice. This is my first bottle I have ever purchased but I would definitely buy it again.


TIP: When applying perfume, don’t ever rub your wrists, etc. together because it crushes the molecules in the notes of the perfumes. Also, to keep your perfume lasting longer, people say to spray it on your pulse points which is why the wrists and the neck are the most common areas of application. I always spray my perfume on my wrists (without rubbing), my neck, behind my ears, and sometimes behind my knees. I’ve noticed that when I do this, my perfume lasts much longer. Also, try not to spray perfume directly on your clothes because the chemicals can be damaging. Clothes hold the smell of perfume for a long time because the molecules absorb into the fibers of the material. If you want to spray perfume on your clothes, I suggest spritzing the perfume into the air and then walking through it.

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