I recently tagged along on a friends business trip to Chicago. It was a very brief, 3-day trip but I seriously had the best time. I had never been to Chicago before so it was a new experience for both my mom and I (which made it all the more fun). I felt like we did so much in the short amount of time we were visiting but there is still more I wish to see/experience — so I am determined to go back again in the future. The trip consisted of many exciting activities, but mainly revolved around food. 1. Because Jesse works in the food industry and had all the hook-ups and 2. because Chicago literally has the best food, ever.

DAY 1:

We drove to D.C. on Thursday night and woke up Friday morning for our flight. Jesse is a member of the Admiral’s Club so we hung out in the lounge before we had to board our flight. When we finally landed, the airport was so packed I thought we would have to wait hours for a cab to our hotel. However, UBER pulled through and came to our rescue. When we arrived at the hotel, we got settled in and me, Shannon, and my mom went to Epic Burger for a pre-dinner (best Turkey burger I’ve ever had). We then got ready for an event later that night. The events were called Flavorology and Chefusion and took place at The Chopping Block. Flavorology was filled with various samples of foods and desserts by vendors hosted by Bell Flavors and Fragrance. I literally tried every single thing that I could and it was all so delicious. Chefusion was a chef’s competition with different four teams. Each team prepared a 3-4 course meal (samples), which we then voted for our favorite chef. I voted for MIDAS FOODS (which didn’t win).

**airplane food**

**BEST turkey burger ever**


**the presentation for the food samples were so cute and creative — I loved it all**





**this was MIDAS FOODS menu, it was the BEST in my opinion**

DAY 2:

My mom, Shannon and I were ready for an eventful day. We started our morning at the Corner Bakery and had a light, delicious breakfast with coffee (of course). We then walked along Michigan Avenue on the Magnificent Mile and shopped till our feet ached. I was trying really hard not to spend too much $$┬ábut I ended up buying a shirt from Zara, a book from Anthropologie, and some beauty products (Jo Malone perfume and Kiehls face oil) at Saks Fifth Avenue. The day was perfect and the city was absolutely beautiful. To me, it was like a mini NYC – but much cleaner and less people. We stopped at a popular place called Eataly for a midday pick-me-up. We got a Coffee Granita from this Gelato Bar then proceeded with our shopping endeavors.

Around mid-afternoon, we headed to the annual NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show to meet Jesse – who was there to represent Kronos Foods. 60,000+ people attend this 4-day event each year. There are different vendors and booths that go on for miles where you can sample foods and check out restaurant equipment, etc. Any type of food you can possibly think of- it was there and I seriously wish I had the chance to leisurely visit each booth. We stayed at the NRA Show for a few hours and I sampled as much food as I possibly could. After the show, we were so exhausted, we went back to the hotel and took a nap. We later went out to dinner and hung out with some really cool people. It was such a fun day.



**colorful tulips that brightened the city streets**

**they don’t call it the “Windy City” for no reason**





**Jesse representing Kronos**

**the Gyro’s from Kronos were one of my favorites**



**the Chobani booth was also a favorite of mine — everything from their samples, yogurt, and overall set up was amazing**

DAY 3:

Our flight left at 3 so we had to be at the airport fairly early. We had breakfast at our hotel and then walked to Stan’s Donuts for something sweet. The trip was short but it was absolutely amazing and I had the best time. I can’t wait to go back again one day.



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