A Day in the Life at Naples

Being in Naples, Florida for Spring Break vacation seriously makes me want summer. Having the ability to do as I please with no itinerary or time restraint is so relaxing. I really do appreciate my time here and try to soak up every bit of this beautiful place. It seems like each day, I abide by the same (ish) routine. I love this because I pretty much subconsciously go about my leisure without any thought. I’ve always been fascinated about what people choose to do on their vacations. Do they change up their normal routine? Do they choose to relax? Or do they try and do as much as they can during their time off? I think everyone is different and we all have our different habits and traditions. But here’s what I did on a typical day during my stay in Naples.

8:00am – I get out of bed, throw my hair up, brush my teeth, and change out of my pajamas into a comfortable shirt and some bathing suit bottoms. Adam and I each grab a towel and some headphones and make our way to the beach. We warm-up our bodies with some “air squats” and do a beginners yoga video that we found on YouTube. After the video, we do a quick abs workout and then proceed back to the condo.

(I wish I could say we did this each morning but we totally did not. However, when we aren’t feeling yoga or a workout, we’ll take a walk—otherwise I just sleep in till around 9)

9:00am – I make myself breakfast (usually vanilla Greek yogurt with granola and fruit) and have a cup of coffee. I briefly scroll through social media and then go online to tend to some work-related stuff.


10:00am – I start getting ready to head to the beach – I wash my face, apply my sunscreen, and throw on my bathing suit. I make sure to have my sunglasses, water (got to stay hydrated), a book, extra sunscreen, and a towel.

**I will share my beach beauty essentials soon**

10:30-11:00am – We make our way to the beach (it’s like a 1 minute walk) where we stay for hours. We read, we take a walk, we talk, we nap, and we just relax.

2:00pm – We walk back to the condo to make some lunch. Whenever it’s really hot and humid outside (especially when I’m in a bathing suit), I never want to eat something heavy. We’ve been eating avocados on toast with cheese, sprinkled with red pepper flakes, a little bit of seasoned salt, and black pepper. It’s so good and it’s just enough to comfortably fill me up.

Ps. when we first bought the avocados, they were so firm we couldn’t eat them. To ripen them, we placed them in a brown paper bag, with a ripe banana. The reactions of the two together ripen the avocados. It only took a day for the avocados to be ready to eat. You can read more about it here.

2:45pm – We then return to the beach (or pool) where we continue to read, nap, tan, and relax. One afternoon, Adam brought me back some juice from a juice bar called Delicious Raw. I got the “Watermelon Hydrator” which is: watermelon, aloe, coconut water, and mint. The juice was tasty, light, and a great substitute for water (boring) on a warm beach day.

4:30-5:00pm – At this time, it’s the point of the day where the temperature is close to perfect. The sun isn’t too harsh but it is still warm outside with a slight ocean breeze. I could honestly probably park myself in my beach chair till sundown – it feels that great. At this point, we typically start gathering our things and head back to the condo. My mom and I make some hot tea to drink (you can see how I like to make mine here) and sit out on the screened-in lanai where I check my phone and what not. We normally discuss what we are going to do that night (for dinner, etc.).

6:30pm – We’re all just about done getting ourselves ready and either have dinner at the house or go out to eat. One place that we always make a point to visit is this hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Grouper and Chips. It seriously is always amazing and never disappoints. We all get the blackened Mahi over linguini (pictured below).

We also always enjoy going to downtown Naples. It‘s full of shops, restaurants, bakeries, art studios, and there is typically live music playing. We walk the streets and pop in and out of little boutiques and usually grab some dessert along the way.

8:00pm – If we are back at the condo before this time, we always enjoy watching the sunset. There is nothing better then the sun setting over the horizon, especially when you have a perfect view, straight from your condo. No matter how many times I watch the sun set from this point of view, I am always in awe of God’s beautiful work.

9:30pm – Something about being out in the sun all day (no matter how many naps I take) is so draining. Adam and I are kind of, slightly, crazy obsessed with a show called Homeland. Like, we can’t get enough. We watched at least 2 (sometimes 5) episodes every night. It’s soooooo good.

Our trip to Naples, FL. is seriously one of the vacations I always look forward to each year. I have been coming here since I was a baby. My grandparents just recently sold their condo (after 50 years) so this was my last spring break to spend there. I cherish all of the memories I made throughout the years and this place will always be missed. I’m so glad that I have this blog not only to share my life with the world, but also to document some of my best times so that I can always look back at my memories.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’d love to know what you all do during your vacation time! Feel free to leave comments! xoxo, Zoe Saylor

Posted on March 23, 2016 in Travel

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