My 5 Favorite Thrifted Items

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There’s always those weekends where you just can’t find anything to do, but you know you want to get out of the house… Well hitting up all the local thrift stores is always my go-to. There has obviously been times where I go into a thrift store and come out with nothing at all. But there are also those rare instances when you’re meddling around and find a total treasure (at least to you, anyway). It’s always best when you’re not even looking for anything in particular, and that one thing just immediately catches your eye and you can’t simply pass it up. There are countless items that I’ve thrifted, but I’ve narrowed it down to my five favorites. Hope you enjoy!

#1. Brass Candle Holders (also in the picture above)

I was sifting around one of our local Goodwill’s (I always shoot for the home section first) and came across a few of these candle holders. Since then, I’ve seen them elsewhere, and I have started my own little collection. I have a total of 12, from which I’ve gathered from different thrift stores on separate occasions. Now, anytime I see them, I will always buy them. I have a vision of using them as the centerpieces at my wedding, or filling my fireplace with them in my future home. I love the simplicity of the candle holder itself, and the warming, welcoming feel that they offer all together.


#2. French Without Toil Book

I found this book at the Salvation Army. I was about to walk out of the store when I saw a case full of old books. This one, French Without Toil, was written in 1940 and published in France. The book is a correlation of common French words that explain the pronunciation and meaning. There is a record that goes with the book (I obviously don’t have it). The theory is, if you hear a word repetitively, the word will become a natural, subconscious retention that fixates in your memory. I find it really interesting. Plus, I like the smell of it. Seriously, there is just something about the smell of old books.



#3. Buddha Ornament 

No, I’m not Buddhist. But I love the boho, eclectic vibe that this buddha ornament brings to my bedroom. I had seen several Buddha statues at our local TJ.Maxx and wanted one for a while. When I saw this at a thrift store for only $2, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s small, detailed, and adds some ethnic character to my bedroom. I’ve debated spray painting it teal, but have opted to keep the original color. What do you think?


#4. Cane Back Club Chair

My mom actually found this cane back chair and I found the faux fur throw (both at thrift stores at different times). The original fabric underneath is a beige color with stains (gross). We may eventually get it recovered, but until then, the fur works well. We keep a small pillow in the center and display it next to our fireplace. I love the wear on the arms, representing it’s previous use. To me, it makes the piece more inviting.



#5. Genuine Suede Skirt

It’s rare that I find articles of clothing from thrift stores that I absolutely love. This suede, camel colored, skirt is a timeless piece that I look forward to wearing. Right now, the skirt falls right above my knee. I plan on hemming it a couple inches so it’s more of a mini skirt–so stay tuned for that DIY post.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear your thoughts/questions. XOXO, Zoe.

Posted on February 9, 2016 in Lifestyle

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