Our First Date


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Since it’s February, and Valentines Day is right around the corner, I thought I’d share the story of our first date. Adam and I have been dating for almost 3 years (anniversary is in March) so I’ve told this story countless times, and each time it just seems sweeter. I could probably go days explaining every detail of that night but I’ll try and keep it short. Also the picture above was from last Valentines Day. I had a cold (and I literally never get sick) so we didn’t do much but it was still special.

Our First Date:

We had History class together our Senior year of high-school. We would talk here and there during our class but never did I expect small talk (aka him asking me for a piece of gum) would turn into anything. I am a very visual person and the first thing that caught my eye on Adam was his arms (i know that’s creepy). He kept Nivea body lotion in his backpack and would bring it out during class and put it on his arms. His arms looked so smooth and so VEINY, and every time he would write, I could see the veins moving. Fast forward through more small talk, that later led to texting and finally him asking to hangout.

It was some time in January. He had to work till 10pm and wanted to hangout afterwards. There isn’t much to do after like 8pm in our town so he asked if I wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings.. I’m thinking *um no, why would I want to scarf down saucy chicken wings in front of this cute guy** so I made up the excuse that I wasn’t hungry. He offered to come pick me up and we could decide what to do from there. I was so nervous, I wasn’t even sure if I even liked him at this point but I was worried we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. The second I stepped into his car, he said “Hey There” in the most gentle way and I instantly felt comfortable. We drove around town and finally stopped at Starbucks. When we both stepped out of the car, I immediately observed what he was wearing (which was gray skinny(ish) jeans, a blue long sleeve thermal, a big khaki jacket, and Clarks). We went inside and I ordered a white chocolate mocha (ew) and he ordered a vanilla bean frapp (he paid for the both of us). We sat at this little table in the corner and just talked, about everything. I remember his eye contact. I had never in my life felt like I had been more heard. He truly cared to know everything that I was saying… Starbucks eventually closed so he took me back home. His family was out of town (which means no curfew) so I invited him inside. We sat Indian style on the floor in my house and talked until 4:30 in the morning. I vaguely remember the topics, but it was all so interesting. He left around 5am and at that point… I think we just both knew.

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